overview of kicad

binary from kicadsavableother package
kicad213.8 KBkicad-demos compare
kicad-libraries213.8 KBkicad compare
kicad-doc-ca1011.0 KBkicad-doc-de compare
kicad-doc-es5.7 MBkicad-doc-de compare
kicad-doc-en6.2 MBkicad-doc-zh compare
kicad-doc-id2.4 MBkicad-doc-de compare
kicad-doc-zh6.2 MBkicad-doc-en compare
kicad-doc-de6.0 MBkicad-doc-en compare
kicad-doc-it5.9 MBkicad-doc-en compare
kicad-demos213.8 KBkicad compare
kicad-doc-fr5.2 MBkicad-doc-de compare
kicad-doc-ru6.1 MBkicad-doc-en compare
kicad-doc-ja6.1 MBkicad-doc-en compare
kicad-doc-pl5.9 MBkicad-doc-en compare

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