overview of csound

binary from csoundsavableother package
csound36.2 KBcsound-utils compare
libcsnd6-java36.2 KBcsound compare
libcsound64-dev36.2 KBcsound-data compare
liblua5.1-luacsnd36.2 KBcsound compare
libcsound64-doc4.9 MBlibcsound64-doc compare
libcsound64-6.036.2 KBcsound compare
csound-utils36.2 KBcsound compare
libcsnd-dev36.2 KBcsound-data compare
csound-data368.0 KBcsound-doc compare
libcsnd6-6.0v536.2 KBcsound compare
python3-csound36.2 KBcsound compare

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